Tattoo artist: Kenny Chin


Having engaged in the tattoo industry for over 10 years, Kenny's artistic talents traces back to his love for drawing since childhood and his experiences as an illustrator and graphic designer upon quiting school. Do browse through his artworks as they speaks out his passion for this industry than a thousand words.


Tattoo artist: Athena Chan


Creativity, drawing and design forms an integral part of my life and I joined Solo Tattoo upon graduating from a design and illustration diploma. I am devoted to blend illustration with tattoo art to create spiritual artworks.


Tattoo artist: Anubis Lok


Graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in HKBU. Emphasize the aesthetics and concept behind a piece of tattoo, regarding tattoo is more than a body decoration, but also a visualized journal of personal experience.




Our shop uses professional imported tattoo pigment, which meets international standard. To ensure safe and hygienic tattoo procedures, all needles, pigment and ink caps are disposed immediately after use.


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